The leightweight scaffolding for smart calculators.

Fo sure more economical.

The MATO 1 facade scaffolding is one of the few systems that can be installed with only four main parts thanks to double railings. This not only has a positive effect on safety but also on the costs. The scaffolding frame is available in widths of 70cm and 100cm. All system components are compatible with one another. Our products are consistently monitored by an independent third party, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

As strong as necessary – as light as possible!

MATO 1 is a contemporary lightweight system, which was developed specifically for the increased commercial requirements in scaffolding construction. Depending on the construction height and maximum load, steel frames with a wall thickness of 2.7mm or aluminium frames with a thickness of 4mm are used. The steel design allows construction heights of up to 60m and higher, the aluminium version allows heights of up to 40m and higher. For particularly heavy loads, frames with wall thicknesses of 3.25 are available. They are compatible with the normal lightweight frames.

Time and cost savings of up to 30%.

Experience in practice has shown that up to 30% of time can be saved with contemporary lightweight scaffoldings compared to traditional heavy systems. With consistently increasing cost pressure, this is an important factor for success. But the lightweight design not only has significant benefits when installing the scaffolding. Thanks to the low weight, the load volume during transport is increased, handling becomes safer and storage is easier.