Temporary roof systems, the perfect protection from wind and weather.

A system for all events.

MATO N emergency roofs are used wherever the influence of wind and weather is not wanted. They protect buildings, civil engineering structures, bridges and motorways during construction, refurbishment or after fires. They are used as an effective weather protection for exhibitions, fairs and events; and they are also available as a mobile construction.

The most economical of all solutions.

You can twist and turn it as much as you like: there is no cheaper alternative to a MATO N emergency roof with PVC awnings. The procurement price is about 50% below the cost of a sheet cassette roof. And the work for the installation and dismantling is about 30 and 60% lower respectively thanks to the lightweight design and the simple handling.

Ranges of up to 38m.

Depending on the application, MATO N can be designed as a pitch or gabled roof. Depending on the construction of the bearing strengths, ranges of up to 38m are possible.

Thanks to the lightweight design made from aluminium, it is also possible to quickly and easily install MATO N emergency roofs manually. What is more, they can be installed on every scaffolding system.