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Tobler Deck Props

The correct support for every building site

The elements of our ceiling supports can be used in such a flexible way that they are suitable for nearly any layout, but also for supporting beams and ceiling projections. With the free choice of the formwork plates, all requirements for the geometry are fulfilled.

The system offers, thanks to coordinated individual components, quick work progress and simple logistics. The galvanised products are durable and therefore designed for high profitability and consistent safety.
The following components are available:

Universal tripod, hot-dip galvanised
– suitable for all ceiling supports

4-way head, hot-dip galvanised
– without a holding function
– for all types of formwork carrier 20 – 24cm

Carrier H20 with 30.00mm base and protective caps
– available in the standard lengths of 2.45m
– 5.90m, maximum length 10.00m

Sheathing 27mm
– melamine resin coated


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